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Posted on February 6, 2011


As always this is just the stuff I’m digging on and not review or anything. I ain’t Pitchfork. And now here are my top 5 albums/songs/artists for the week:

5. Lightning Bolt – Wonderful Rainbow

Wonderful Rainbow

Ah Lightning Bolt. I’ve seen them twice and both times were amazing. The second time I got Brian Chippendale to sign my shoe. I’d have to say this is my favorite album of theirs, and it’s mainly due to “Dracula Mountain”. Basically what I need you to do is if you like this then just watch ever single Youtube video there is and then follow them to the ends of the earth. That’s just my take on it. I love all their albums but this is actually the first one I happened to listen to and after that it was love at first sight. Go check out their website, there are a lot of neat-o things there, and also watch this Youtube video where you can see me and all my pals moshin’ it out to “Colossus”. The first 2 minutes are slow, for all you impatient assholes out there.

4. Fuck Buttons – Tarot Sport

Tarot Sport

Fuck Buttons are kind of electronicy droney goodness. It’s nice to actually listen to, but also really nice to put on when you don’t necessarily need to listen really in depth, but that’s my take. I guess if I had to pick a favorite track it’d probably be “Rough Steez” but honestly I feel like you can’t really just listen to ah track here or there. It’s more a collective whole. Watch theneedledrop‘s review here and look at their bizarro strango website.

3. Frightened Rabbit – Midnight Organ Fight

Midnight Organ Fight

This is an album that I haven’t listened to in ages. It’s super nostalgic for me. I think “The Modern Leper” and “I Feel Better” are some of my personal favorites but I really like this LP as a whole. I really enjoy listening to this as I’m walking home from work at night. It’s just… tragic sounding in a way to me, but I think it’s also a personal thing. Watch the music video for “I Feel Better” because it’s fucking awesome and then watch them play “The Modern Leper” live ’cause it really is a wonderful song. Finally go look at their website, cause I said.

2. fun. – Aim And Ignite

Aim And Ignite

Here is a band and LP that I love. To itty bitty pieces. It’s probably in my top 15 albums I can listen to forever and never ever get tired of. It’s also one of those albums where I can’t really pick a favorite because I love every single track on it. “Be Calm”, “Light A Roman Candle With Me”, “Barlights” and “Benson Hedges” are probably the ones I lean toward to the most. It’s super whimsical which, under normal circumstances, whimsy is not something I dig on. But with fun. it’s almost impossible to not like them. At initial listen I can see how they might be a little easy to dismiss. But give it one or two more tries and you can never go back. The b HATED them the first time I made him listen to them and now he LOVES them. And he’s a musical communist. In a good way. Sometimes. Watch them play “Barlights” and “Be Calm” (the actual song is after 3 minutes but the dialogue before that’s pretty funny) live. You can also watch “All The Pretty Girls” official video, but I suggest the other two first. Check out their site. It’s… fun. Ha ha.

And now for #1…

1. Dumbo Gets Mad – Elephants At The Door

Elephants At The Door

I dig it. I really dig it. It’s super jazzy psychedelicy just good good rock. And they’re Italy. I wouldn’t’ve guessed it. I will admit before I go on, I feel like I haven’t listened to it enough to thoroughly digest it all. But it’s brand spankin’ new and delicious all the same. I do know that “Plumy Tale” is my favorite track so far. And one of the biggest perks? The album is for download for free at this site. All the band asks is that you pay with a Tweet (or a Facebook post) and a digital copy is yours to keep. That’s also the site for Bad Panda Records, and I suggest you check out the other artists on that label. They’re pretty cool. Be sure to also check out theneedledrop’s review of “Plumy Tale” and the actual music video for the song. It really won’t disappoint.

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