Akron/Family – February 23

Posted on March 2, 2011


So as I’ve mentioned in some other posts I just recently saw Akron/Family, along with Brother John and Delicate Steve. Musically, it was a good show.

So the first band that went on was Brother John.

They had just about as many members as Arcade Fire minus the liveliness that Arcade Fire delivers. Not that they weren’t good, I just wished I could have been sitting down on a pile of cushions in an ambient setting rather than standing in between two completely wasted grown men for 45 minutes. There were a whole lot of stringed instruments and some brass and woodwinds accompanied by a lady with a MacBook who played recordings of dialogue and throat sang with the rest of the 53 members of their band. Ok, I’m being a little hash on them I know, but while I did enjoy their stuff, it’s not exactly something I want to stand around to. When I go to shows, I want to move around and have… fun. Their music sounded like it belonged along the pages of some water-color illustrated book of fairy tales, not necessarily with the other bands that played with them. I was also kind of grumpy, on the account that I have a recently discovered back problem and standing for so long listening to Rapunzel music was really the last thing I wanted to do. Go ahead and check them out over at their Myspace account, they’re not as icky as I just made them sound, I promise.

Next on the line-up was Delicate Steve.

Delicate Steve

They were very very good. I really super enjoyed seeing them, so much that I bought their CD. They were fun, and their music was interesting. It had a little bit of like a hula-rock twist that I really enjoyed. They were goofy fellows and the front-man looked like he was about 15 but they played some good good stuff. I’ve been listening to the CD I bought a whole ton and let’s just say there’s a good chance it’s gonna be featured on this week’s Song Sundays. They were energetic without being all up in my grill, and it also helped that the frontman looked quite a bit like a friend of mine named Tall Mike… All around, good good, I’m really glad that I got a chance to see them. Go hit up their Myspace page and see what all the hullabaloo is all about.

And now finally we come to Akron/Family.


Oh Akron/Family. I like you, I really do. And I’m not saying your new shit isn’t good, because it totally totally is. I just wish I could’ve heard maybe one song off Love Is Simple. It doesn’t help that I had to leave early ’cause Max (my b) had to go home and by that time I was in agonizing pain, but I was… disappointed? That’s not quite the right word I think. They started off with a very ambient “let’s sway back and forth to the pulse of the music” kind of deal-io and then after a good 5 or so minutes started playing more and more things. I think my favorite part was when Seth Olinsky (“lead guitarist/vocalist”) jumped into the crowd with a large hand drum, danced around, and then passed the drum to a random guy before grabbing a music standing and swinging it around above his head. I think I would have had a more positive experience if my back had not been killing me and I could have stayed for the entire thing. But hey, that’s how things go some time right? All in all it was really good, I’m really hoping I get a chance to see them again at some point or another. Why don’t you go check out their website and if you feel so inclined take a looksie at my feature of their first LP Love Is Simple on last week’s Song Sundays.

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