Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – March 3

Posted on March 4, 2011


So last Wednesday I went to the Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr show with my friend good ole JayBow, and as a special bonus some  very good friends of mine happened to have the chance to open for them.

First to play was Ed Tom & Tuba.

Ed Tom & Tuba

Clay & Ryan

Ed Tom & Tuba

Edward & Clay

The members are Edward Joyner, Clay Blackwell, and Ryan Heimlich. Ryan and Edward are really good friends of mine and this was actually the first time that I’ve had a chance to catch them in action. Ryan and Edward are also members of The Cinnamon Telegram for those of you that have read past entries. They were good, I enjoyed it. Lots of melodies, lots of songs about Indiana. I had no clue that Ryan could play the keyboard so that was a fun fact. Clay played some bizarro strango recorder/keyboard that sounded like the soundtrack to Ocarina of Time and Edward played the suitcase. I mean you know, all the necessities in life. They’re folksy and Indiana-y. I think I enjoyed seeing familiar faces the most. It was comforting, kind of like being back home at shows ha. I’m glad I got a chance to see them. Swing by their bandcamp and check out the tracks to their recordings from Solace in the Grain. If you feel so inclined, why don’t you purchase it? It’s only $5 and I know how much work was put into it. You dirty hipsters can sacrifice one pack of Parliaments for it.

Next off was a band by the name of  Middle Class Fashion from St. Louis.

Middle Class Fashion

I was really unsure about them at first. They didn’t announce who they were at first, they just immediately went into playing. My immediate impression was something Juno-esque. But after the first song I realized that I really really liked them. The lead singer/pianist (Jenn Malzone) has an amazing voice and the bassist/vocalist (Brian McClelland) was totally rockin’ his shit. The drummer/vocalist (Brad Vaughn) was also very good. I had so much fun. I was really pleasantly surprised. The songs they played remind me of like a girl day’s out in the summer. And by girl’s day out in the summer I mean cruising on the interstate at a calm 90 mph on your way to Indianapolis for a day of vintage clothes shopping and delicious Bazbeaux’s pizza eating. I even bought their self-titled EP. I just really had a lot of fun, super powerful pop-ish songs. And they were all so lovely and were like little music pixies. Or something. Pop on over to their website and take a look at them.

And then finally we come to Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr

I was so upset Mac-Daddy-O couldn’t make it. She would have absolutely loved it. They were all about Amurrica. They started off by telling a story about beastiality, always a wonderful start to a show. Unless you’re at like a Satan death metal concert. Then maybe not so much. They were loud, they had bright lights, they were comical, it was fantastic. I bought a t-shirt, everything was grand. I really like their music, indie rock with a lot of electronic-y effects. I especially enjoyed it when they sang into the telephone. I talked to the guy drumming with them, he was a very nice gentleman. Did I mention it was loud and there were very bright lights? As In giant lit up JR JR’s? It was tons of fun, I’m glad I decided to go. I almost didn’t because Mac-Daddy-O wouldn’t be present. Sad day… Go on over to their website to see what they’re all about and while you’re at it why don’t you go watch the video for “Nothing But Our Love” off of the Horse Power EP.

(PS hooray for bad quality photos) Keep watching for my review of an upcoming Cinnamon Telegram and Mylets show and stick around for an exciting Song Sundays this week.

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