Benefit Show – March 5

Posted on March 7, 2011


This Saturday was probably the most fun I’ve had in a whole hell of a long time. I went to some high schooler’s senior project mah-jig because I mainly wanted to see Mylets and the newly maybe one-time reunited Cinnamon Telegram. (THE Cinnamon Telegram).

So first we got to the FFY where it was held and we met up with all of our friends and were just chatting and having a good ole time. Mac-Daddy-O and I were looking fresh ta death and the boys were well… looking like the boys. Dylan was there, being as Dylan as ever. Nick seemed kinda confused like usual. Noah showed up and even ole Fuzzy Face. And pretty much next thing I know there is some chick and dude up on stage singing like duets with just a guitar of all the current hit pop shit gross gross that’s out there. But I honestly didn’t pay much attention, I was more concerned about chit chattin.

Once they were finally done The Cinnamon Telegram went on. Do you know how fucking long I have waited to hear them again? And how when they ALMOST  didn’t play “Chocolate Ice Cream” I almost died. Literally. But for reals. I love them. They’re all some of my closest friends and their set line-up got me through all last winter and summer. That music scene was what I lived for. They played a harder set than they did in the past and it was defintiely an improvement, at least for a reunion type of thing. Everyone sang along. Everyone started a goddam ruckus (Ryan technically started the ruckus for us). It was fantastic. And when they said they finished their set without playing “Chocolate Ice Cream” none of us were having none of it. We all screamed the words and danced around and thrashed and it was fantastical. Good Good Good start to the evening.

But it only gets rowdier once Henry, a.k.a Mylets, starts to play. Dylan was in… rare form that night. He was dancing and prancing all over I swear. The boys of Cinnamon Telegram developed a new dance involving shaking your key chains. I think between Noah and Max’s oddly synchronized dances, Nick’s off-beat, slow finger pointing, Dylan’s crazed thrashing and giggling, Edward and Tucker’s (and Dylan’s for that matter) torturing poor Ryan, me and Mac-Daddy-O and Peter just laughing the whole time and Henry’s crazed bleep bloop music it was sensory overload. We were on these black risers and we were all jumping up and down and I could’ve sworn they were gonna buckle under us. There was a surprise impromptu playing of Over Tehran minus Will the bassist, a cover of everyone’s favorite Young Mosaic’s song “Warrior Tribe” (I think Dylan provoked that one) and lots and lots of bleep blooping. It was a ton of fun. Seriously, I hadn’t had that enjoyable of a Saturday night in a while.

And then after Mylets came… Close Call. Now Close Call is a christian metal (?) band. A bad one. It’s more like “hey we say we’re metal but we’re actually just hard rock and oh hey btdubs we sing about Jeeeeesus” At this point in the evening I’m not sure where everyone went, I think to possibly put away musical things. So it was me, Max and Noah all sitting together, with ole Fuzzy Face behind us. The entire time I sang to Noah in my best Satan growling voice the “Jesus Loves You” song and all many of nice, morally good things. I’ve missed hanging out with Noah ha. I was under the impression that we weren’t even going to be staying for these bands.

So finally everyone returned just in time for… Wings Of A Martyr…

A real christian metal band. Metal has in “I’ma growl/scream all my lyrics and I could be singing about Jesus or shitting on your mom’s face but youuuu’ll never know”. So naturally Max, Noah, Peter, Dylan, Henry and Ross all decide to go right up front and dance around in a chorus line and generally make mischief. Me and Mac-Daddy-O sit this one out and decided to watch between the group of our boys thrashing away in front of the stage and Ryan, Tucker, Nick and Edward making ridiculous faces and dances from the chairs. Max did some prospector dancing. Everyone beat on Peter. They slow-mo moshed. They did jigs and one small boy that was on PCP literally kicked Noah’s ass. That was a scary scary boy. Mac-Daddy-O and I alo decided to sing a long to their songs with our own renditions of “Kitties! Puppies! Flooooowers!” and so forth. Well our boys sitting in the chairs were starting to get rowdy. Specifically Ryan, Tucker and Nick. They did a hard-core chicken dance. At one point Ryan bolted from his chair and bulleted straight into the crowd to start a ruckus (I can always count on Ryan for a good ruckus startin’). And then the 3 of them formulated a plan. They kept scooting their chairs till they were right up against the crowd and began… chair moshing. Probably the greatest from of moshing to ever happen.

It was a ton of fun. I miss my friends and the whole music scene so much. I’m really hoping it picks back up and we steal it away from those goddam christian metal bands…

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