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Posted on March 7, 2011


As always this is just the junk I be diggin’ on. I’m not gonna review it or nothing. And now for the top 5 artists/albums/songs I’ve groovin’ to this week…

#5. Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer EP

Black River Killer EP

So I really love Blitzen Trapper. One of the worst things I think that’s happened to me was I missed a FREE BLITZEN TRAPPER SHOW in Broadripple. Me and Mac-Daddy-O had a Broadripple day and we saw that they were playing at the Vogue which is a 21+ venue and I was bummed, and then we passed the Luna Music store on the outskirts of Broadripple and we missed a free show by 2 hours. Awful. Just awful. But anyway this is actually the first music I heard from Blitzen Trapper. “Black River Killer” is my favorite off this EP, and probably my favorite song of theirs in general. It was the first song I heard from them and it was like love at first listen. “Silver Moon” and “Big Black Bird” are also really good. The whole thing’s only about 17 minutes long which makes it nice to listen to when you’re walking around and want something nice to listen to. Go check out the music video for “Black River Killer”. It’s easily in my top 10 most interesting music videos list. Also go check out their website, and I encourage you to take a more in-depth listen to some of their other stuff as well.

#4. Middle Class Fashion – Middle Class Fashion EP

Middle Class Fashion EP

I just recently saw them and I absolutely love love loved them. They were so fun and magical and I really hope that I get to see them again at some point in my life. And I really don’t say that about a lot of bands. I bought their self-titled EP and I’ve been listening to it through the dreary rainy days all this week. “My Attack” and “Skeletons” are probably my favorite of the 4 tracks present on this EP. Their LP is coming out March 8th (just 2 days away!) so I think I’m probably going to have to pick that up. It’s really just fun fun music, I cannot say it enough. Ole JayBow and I both really super mucho enjoyed their performance. And this EP definitely makes a shitty day of running errands through the god-awful Indiana rain a much more pleasant experience. I’m looking forward to hearing what their LP is all about and I really hope they swing by this area again. Go check out the review of the show I went to (Brian McClelland even left a comment, how sweet and thoughtful) and also go have a looksie at their website. And for serious people, why don’t you go check out their music on iTunes? Lord knows  you dirty hipsters can afford to.

(Edit: I talked to Middle Class Fashion and the LP now has a new projected May 2011 release date, but within the next week or so there should be some downloadable preview tracks on their Facebook.)

#3. Radiohead – The King Of Limbs

The King Of Limbs

So this came out February 18 (available only on digital copy till March 28 here) and this week was the first time I got a chance to really take a listen to it. I’m still not 100% on how I feel about it. As any good-natured hipster I do love Radiohead but I’m just not sure if I really like this or not. It’s only about 37 minutes long and I was definitely surprised that it wasn’t longer. I almost wonder if they aren’t up to some of their usual tricks again or not. “Bloom” and “Morning Mr Magpie” are probably my two favorite tracks. I feel like I need to take some more in-depth listens to this in order to better make a decision about whether or not I truly like it or not. And it’s not it’s bad by any means at all, it’s just that I’m very much of the Pablo Honey generation and I’m also about as set in my ways as an 80 year old man. I don’t know, what do you all think? I’m just still very much on the fence about how I personally feel. Who knows ha. Why don’t you watch the video for “Lotus Flower” (it reminds me very much of how Dylan likes to dance) and go check out their website. Also, if you have a sense of humor and like Lady Gaga, just watch this. (It’s not really that hilarious ha)

#2. Delicate Steve – Wondervisions


So as you might be aware I did a review of a show that I saw them over here, and I really really enjoyed them. I’ve been listening to this album an awful lot, and I really enjoy. It’s super fun, it’s very summery, it’s just a delightful LP to listen to. It’s been nice to put it on the ole  iPod when it’s nice outside. I had definitely been searching for a new album to put on my summer-time list. “Stay A Little Bit Longer” “The Ballad Of Speck And Pebble” and “Sugar Splash” are probably the favorites of mine. They’re like a strange little mixture of hula rock/perhaps a touch of psychedelia that I absolutely love. I highly recommend anyone and everyone check out their music. Watch their music video for “The Ballad Of Speck And Pebble”, it’s pretty interesting. Also go look at their website. You know the drill.

And now for #1…

#1. Toro Y Moi – Underneath The Pine

Underneath The Pine

First off, look at that cover art. Second off, I’ma go see ’em in April whoooooooooooo! Thirdly, damn, this is a good album. It just came out February 22 and I finally have had a chance to listen to it.  Chazwick Bundick is putting out some supah good shit. I’ve been so excited to listen to this. “New Wave” “Still Sound” and “How I Know” are some of my favorite tracks. I really really dig all these disco-esque beats that he’s putting down. I mean like I REALLY dig it. “New Wave” is like my new anthem I think. There’s dancier tracks and then there are more chill tracks. Personally I think it’s pretty well balanced. I think I maybe would have liked to hear some more upbeat tracks but all in all it’s faaaantastic. Read thneedledrop’s review of this LP and ponder what he says. I can see where he’s coming from but I think perhaps I just have more love for him overall than he does. Also watch the music videos for “New Beat” and “Still Sound”. They’re so retro and magic it just tickles me to death. And on a final note, stop by his MySpace and BlogSpot why don’t you? That’s all, good night.

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