Posted on June 26, 2012


So i was thinking last, “This blog sucks. I has no direction, no real purpose.” I almost gutted the entire thing until I told myself “nonono”. I’ve decided to try and switch things up a bit and have actually direction and purpose and organization.

This is probably one of those grand schemes like when you get a really good idea for a craft and you collect shit to do said craft but when it comes time to do actually create whatever you’re trying to create you don’t. Because you realize its stupid.

So basically what I’ve been thinking is having some relevant categories and then trying to stick mostly to those categories. Music obviously will still be here. I was thinking of possibly a health related category? But I’m honestly not sure if I want to share my fat chronicles.

Hell I don’t know. I think I wanted this to be like a pop culture type dealio but its mostly me being an idiot.
Which hey, that can be fun. Right? Right??

So maybe this is one of those posts you can just disregard as an idiotic ramble.

I don’t even remember my original intent in this. Damn it.

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